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Jo's House Cast
Joelle/Jo Jo Bynx/Jo: A teen girl who commits serious intarweb offenses such as saying things like 'intarweb' and 'fwee', trying to hit on her own characters, being a Hot Topic goth, and breaking the fourth wall in both directions.
Mommy/Colleen: Jo's mother. She...uhm...frightens Jo's friends. She taught Jo about sex at age five. Five! She be one scary mama, yo.
Leslie/Les/Daddy: Actually the silliest person in the family. Doesn't really work at Staples anymore. Loves chocolate milk almost as much as Jo does.
MoonUnit/Moonie: One of Jo's cats, who is very whiny, and despite being able to speak and build a jetpack, is actually quite stupid.
Zoe: She was MoonUnit's fraternal twin, until her real-life death on October 14th, 2007.
Chat Buddy Cast
Julia/Jula: A girl who isn't nearly as boring as she seems in the comic. Has an unhealthy affection for cheese-in-a-can.
Evan: The kid with muttonchops. So far has only appeared playing the role of the Comic Perv in the anime arc, but is only marginally less creepy in real life.
Austin/ARBy/MOO: Jo's old snuggle-bunny, but the best-laid plans of girls and boys oft go awry, or something, and then get eaten by werewolves.
Heather/Mother Goosling: A smoking redheaded babe with double-D breasticles that seem to obey their own physics.
Jordan/Jordy: Heather's ex-boyfriend. He was a poohead.
Catherine/Cat: More offensively otaku than Jo, and single-handedly attempting to kickstart fruits fashion in the West.
Alex/Shadow: A hyperactive anime fan friend of Jo's who wanted to be in the comic for the purpose of hitting Aust with a frying pan and flying off in a sardine can.
Calvin/EvilTdyBear: A briefly-met boy whose only purpose in life seems to be to insult everybody else's artwork.
His purpose in life does not go well with everybody being an artist...
Maryna/Mina: The crazy Canadian who graced (tainted?) the RPing world with the Muffin Man. RPGs will never be the same again. Or at least James won't.
Colin: A programmer who used to live in Hawaii but doesn't anymore, no wait he does, no wait, nevermind, yes, no. For the record, owns a Mac!!!11oneeleven! Zing!
Brittany/Britt: A J-rock obsessed friend of Jo's. Will very likely never appear again on account of never talking to Jo.
Whitney/DeeDaa: A girl who wants to marry Strongbad for reasons unfathomable. Won't appear anymore, for the same reason as listed above.
Melissa/Mel: A girl who's a politician princess-poet at heart, but really is going to grow up and be an actor and retire into schoolteaching, or, y'know, not.
Role-Playing Characters
MM/Muffin Man: A pedophiliac doppelganger muffin creature with genie powers. Created with love by Mina. Maybe the wrong kind of love.
James/Jamesybob/James-kun: Jo's most mentally and physically disturbed/disturbing character, a blue-haired little shapeshifter who has the inability to remain (1) alive, (2) the same species, or (3) the same gender.
Blaze: A red dragon who uses Polymorph Self to masquerade as a handsome human. Wants to get in all the ladies' pants, particularly Necro's. Will never succeed.
Necro: An evil character of Jo's. Of course she's evil, she wears all black and says obscene (yet still censored) things. Jo decided in a random act of 'inspiration' tried to make the comic serious and dark by throwing in Necro. It just ended up stupid, and her demoness ended up a maid costume. Hopefully Jo will no longer be 'inspired'.
Peter Pants: A pair of pants named Peter. Invented by Heather, presented by Alex, owned by Austin, now an orphan.
Partici Pants: A female pair of pants. Get it? Participants? Hahaha!
Kitto Ken Kii Kitsuto Yamazaki the 4th: A pink-haired green-eyed ditzy kitty demon. James' spouse and the mother of the largest plurality of his children.
Tivik: An incredibly evil guy who used to be a human, created a plague, destroyed most of his own country and himself on accident, and came back as a God. He's also one of the most sexylicious people Jo's ever created.
Butte College Cast
Amanda/Mandy/The Cornster: Creator of Stardust, a girl from college totally obsessed with yaoi, porn, corn, and disgusting mixtures of the three.
Chelsea: A redheaded girl who makes constant love to Paul, and should really remember to start signing off of AIM before she does, or at least put up an away message.
Tanya: She's grabbed alot of boobies and humped a lot of booties.
Jon/Big Jon: The genius behind the idea of cheese-flavored Ramen. I lost the original strip I had drawn him in, but he IS visible in the pews during the wedding.
Maggie: Despite her own secret seedy antics, pretends to be disturbed by everyone else's sexual innuendo.
Kyle: Tanya's favorite butt-hump victim. Despises the Mokona Song.
Christian/Chip: The Harem Master, so named for his ability to be surrounded by hot chicks at all times. Also a budding billionaire.
Jamie: Chip's (now ex)-girlfriend. Didn't actually attend Butte College, but Jo's not making an "Extended Circle of Non-Friends" category. Will always be presented as far as Jo knows her to appear...meaning, from her cosplay photos, in her catgirl outfit.
Colby/Korubi: An incredible little math genius kid Jo met at a charter school and then later found out he attended Butte College also. He's also almost as big of a flirt as Jo is. Has been Corn'd.
Paul: Is more man-pretty than straight men ought to be allowed to be. Currently snared in Chelsea's clutches.
Misc. Cast
Cory/Cory-kins/Mr. B: Just a guy at Jo's old dojo whom she happened to have had a wild crush on (unbeknownst to him, unless he's reading this site, and then Jo would be pretty embarrassed).
Smoking Guy/Guy From Bus Stop: A nobody with sunken eyes and messy hair, and perpetually clamping a cigarette in his mouth. Usually seen in profile. Responsible for various acts of evil.
Mr. Drow: An atypical dark elf who hates spiders and loves sunlight. Is married with children, which only makes him more irresistable to the ladies. Str 15 Con 9 Dex 11 Cha 16 Wis 10 Int 6.


Note: I can't explain why I keep switching from 1st to 3rd person on the site. I'm sure I had my reasons.

Another note: I would like to thank Mina for making the bio icons for herself, me, Moonie, Austin, Heather, and Jordy. As outdated as they are, I can't bring myself to replace them.