Hello and welcome to the Q&A for the Doodlies. Note, this isn't FAQ, because I either haven't been frequently asked these, or haven't been asked at all...these.

What is this comic about?
This comic started as, "What if my internet buddies and our role-playing characters appeared in my house one day?" Back then it was mostly just the midadventures that a bunch of kids and their fictional creations would have, mostly in gag-a-day format with most gags suggested by someone in a chatroom. In fact, many of these are "what ifs", like, "What if I fell into my own underwear like it was a bag of holding?" "What if Austin had a pair of pants that talked out of the crotch?" Many are also taken from real-life conversations and events (such as cheese in a can, Li'L Jo, Adventures in Midol, Things Taken Out of Context, the planetary office humor, etc.)

Who are these people?
Well, you can read about them on the bio section. The people listed under the House cast live in my house, except for Jula, but only stayed there for a summer. The Butte cast are people I met at my first college, the RP chars are people or things my friends and I have created (MM is Mina's, Kitto is Cat's, pretty much everyone else is mine). Sometimes I use stick figures or non-people to tell a joke, either for anonymity or because it didn't really happen.

Does everyone really act like that?
Yes, my cats can talk, Heather's boobs are in constant motion even when she is not, Alex viciously beats people with a frying pan, and I was bitten by a gender-switched werewolf whilst getting married to my internet ex-boyfriend. Sure, why not.

Actually, it's either how they asked to act, or, more commonly, they did something stupid or funny ONE time and it became a running gag, and I just ignore all those other traits they have in favor of lulz. Although, seriously, Tanya groped alot of boobies and humped alot of booties.

Do you all know each other irl?
Most of us have met at least once, or talked on the phone, except for the ones who don't exist of course. A few only drifted through but made such an impression they became a running gag themself (Calvin, for example).

Does everyone really look like that?
Mostly yes, but again, really exaggerated. In the cases where I have no clue what someone looks like (Alex or Calvin), I guess, or go by how they draw themselves, or whatever. All the non-speaking clothes we wear are things we really own (like Cat's weird suspender pant things), but sometimes I make it a little quirkier so we can tell each other apart (Austin does not own a Piggy shirt).

Do you really hate Austin?
I was pretty sore when he broke up with me but I don't hate him.

Why do you refer to yourself in varying persons on the site?
I get confused.

Why do you draw like crap?
I actually draw pretty well, but if I put that much effort into something as silly as this, I 1. would become lazy and lose interest, 2. wouldn't be able to draw us in certain scenes that are impossible to render realistically. Most of these jokes hit me in a split instant and I draw them on the fly. (Also, in the early days, I was drawing these on 3" x 5" pieces of flipbook paper so I was really crunched for space. I also really did draw like crap back then.)

What's up with the handwriting?
I used to have atrocious handwriting. I've since had drafting training which beat me over the head with perfectly legible lettering, so I use that now.

When do you update? Why is your schedule so wonky?
I don't have a set update time. I usually think of a bunch of jokes at once, draw them all on a single piece of paper, scan and crop them, and upload them all at once. I could probably pace myself, but I don't like withholding such golden comedy from my fans.

Why isn't this on [insert name of comic hosting site here]?
Seriously? This comic is totally crappy! And it's mostly in-jokes!

Is Smoking Guy real?
Yes, there are millions of him.

So who really destroyed Ventura? You, God, another god, or Smoking Guy?

Is Mr. Brunelle really that short?
No, he was as tall as I was (5'4") but remember what I said about taking one insignificant trait and exaggerating it...

Why didn't Les appear until late in the comic? Were your parents seperated?
No, I just hadn't thought of a way to get him into the comic. I have friends I've known for six or more years now who've been pestering me to add them to the comic but I can't think of any way to add them either. It doesn't mean they don't exist.

Why don't you move in the comic?
If I was getting displaced as much in the Doodlies as in real life, well, it would mess everything up. The whole thing revolves around the idea that somehow me and everybody from the internet exist in the same place (it's assumed they all live either in my house or at the Love Hotel). Plus, I can't think of any jokes to do about moving.

Why does everyone keep changing appearances?
Because we keep dying and cutting our hair or something.

Can I be in your comic? Pleeaase?
The problem with putting people in the comic is that I either don't know what they look like, or they don't look very interesting. Like I said above, we're all basically just a bunch of white nerds. Everyone wears emo glasses and has messy brown hair and baggy t-shirts (or something weirder and nerdier).

How much of the things that happen in the comic are based on real life?
A few of them are lifted directly from real events, actual conversations, slightly embellished quotations, and some are just totally absurd and probably inspired by way too much coffee and sugar. Also, some emo crap snuck in.

Why don't I get this joke?
A. I couldn't think of a punchline.
B. It's an inside-joke.
C. You're a dumbass.
D. It's not a joke.

How old is this comic?
Umm...darn! I knew there was a reason webcartoonists date the strips! (Actually, it's been running since about mid-to-late 2002.)

Are there are any guest comics?
Not exactly, but Alex drew this a while back, for her own comic I think.

Why do some people appear in the Cast and others don't?
It depends on whether I think they'll actually appear more. If an appearance is based only on a conversation quip by a passing acquaintance, they won't likely reappear. Britt and Mel were old friends of mine (and Cat's schoolmates) but didn't happen to appear again, whereas Tina had two comics but I barely spoke to her, ever, in real life.

What are your favorite strips?
#50, #116, #142, #187, #193, #195, and #204. It may seem like a long list, but remember that there's 200+ strips total. It's just most of them are crap. (J/k...only a handful are really crappy.) I'm also rather fond of the entire superhero arc, Things Taken Out of Context, and the Planets and Mu arcs.

What were the comic's darkest moments?
It should be clear from the archives that I kept going through stupid random phases and ended up a horrible goth/emo/random/prep/otaku conglomerate at times.

Who is Mu Kubobert, really?
I'd rather not say lest I incur the wrath of a million henpecked fans. But yes, it is a real person (obviously not with such a stupid name), who is an artist, and a character who looks just like them except, y'know, cool. Anwyay...I guess you could just say it could be any self-absorbed celebrity who totally mistreats everyone, especially their fans. And we did have an interlude after a name change I was unaware of and I got made a fool of. And nobody makes a fool out of me but ME!

What is up with the "Whee!-Bay" screennames?
An old thesaurus told me 'arriere pensee' means 'secretive' or something, but it just makes me think of 'derriere peepee' to be honest. As for Luna Lieu, Luna is 'moon' of course, and the thesaurus was lacking in good words for 'unit' or 'place'. (I put this question here so that I could explain myself.)

Hey! I don't think you draw like crap after all! Will you draw something for me?
Will you give me money to do it? (If yes, then yes.)