Strips 1-7
Mostly just gimmick comics and introducing the cast.

Strips 8-17
Since James doesn't belong in the house, Jo tries unsuccessfully to hide him in her closet. Moonie rats on them and Mommy conjectures that they're sleeping together. They freak out at the notion. Jo realizes James is unattractive and makes him drink a potion to turn into a pretty-boy. Maryna and the Muffin Man appear to hit on him (and on Mommy). Austin appears for no reason.

Strips 18-29
Once Heather appears, Mommy says there isn't enough room in the house and shoos them off to stay at a hotel. Various sexual acts follow between various people. And a muffin. Necro attacks! But in the real world, Austin made a devastating confession that he planned to date another girl. He was promptly and brutally killed in the comic. Then he was brought back to life as a pretty boy to be used to as distraction and bait to Necro. Everyone else escapes unscathed.

Strips 30-45
Lots of filler and unrelated strips. Austin dies some more.

Strips 46-59
Jo starts attending Butte College, and thus, her college buddies are introduced into the comic.

Strips 60-75
Julia, in real life, visits Jo's house for a week. In the comic, Jo makes Julia's hometown vanish from the face of the earth so that they have to live together.

Strips 76-82
The guys mope around in a pub about their lost loves, and James kvetches a recent roleplay heartbreak.

Strips 83-109
The first ever long-running plot arc! Jo proposes to Austin for the second time and a marriage is set in order to fall exactly on strip 100. But there's a mysterious evil brooding behind the scenes...Will all fall to ruin? Dun dun duuun!

Strips 110-128
The J-Team assembles to battle a werewolf raging through the city. Features cheesy superhero one-liners...and lots of Corn-chakus.

Strips 129-148
Jo decides to attend the First Annual Rama-Con in an attempt to make a faddy "Con Report" like so many webcomickers do. But a shadowy figure is prowling the girls -- and Moonie is up to her usual stupidity.

Strips 149-168
A quick recap followed by a succession of gag comics, then a series of mini-arcs, including Adventures in Midol and Li'l Jo Flashbacks, then some more gags.

Strips 169-175
The J-Team returns to do battle again, and Jo's superhero identity is finally revealed.

Strips 176-182
More one-shot gags, and some holiday humour.

Strips 183-192
Still on the one-shots, this time moving onto pop culture references and lots of rantlets about life's annoyances.

Strips 193-205
Increasing absurdity, planetary office humor, and a rantlet about a certain artist who shall go unnamed lest I get sued for libel.

Strips 206-225
"What if everyone became an anime character archetype?" was asked in a chatroom, and, well...This happened.

Strips 226-238
Some more gags.

Strips 239-249
Half old, half new Doodlies I did during my job as an usher.

Strips 250-
I don't know where these are going yet. They just have nothing to do with ushering anymore.