The Peaulanic Pantheon

Glossary of Terms, Words, and Places



Elder Eliza: A Magi Elder and Sheena's sister. Specializes in mind-altering spells.
Race: Human; Wherremfolk.

Elder Bakiipa: Another Magi Elder, who tries to study the Creators, with little success.
Race: Human; Wherremfolk.

Charles Baxter: Deadbeat dad, gambler, manwhore. All around bad guy.
Race: Human; Wherremfolk.

Linu Baxter: Tivik's younger sister, daughter of 'the blond sherriff'.
Race: Human; Wherremfolk/Olorian.

Meredith Baxter: Mother of three struggling to make ends meet.
Race: Human; Wherremfolk.

Tay Baxter: Tivik's older, caregiving sister.
Race: Human; Wherremfolk.

Tivik Baxter: The 'protagonist' of the comic, also after which it is named.
Race: Human; Wherremfolk.

Eulaya Kinol: A duchess from the Kinolian Empire, with a rat familiar.
Race: Human; Kinolian.

Meilcarska: Queen of the Shadow Plane. Shrewd and malevolent, but hides it well.
Race: Faerie.

Milla: A snobby, vain noblewoman studying magic under the Magi Elders.
Race: Human; ethnicity unknown.

Elder Sheena: A Seer of the Magi Elders granted visions by the gods. Specializes in Oracular magic.
Race: Human; Wherremfolk.

Helena Yuzi: Daughter of a noble house sent to study magic; Tivik's girlfriend.
Race: Human; Amaalian.

'The Second Creator': Mysterious, androgynous wizard with godly, reality-altering powers.
Race: Human?

The Peaulanic Pantheon

Alanea, the as-yet-untitled
Binkasu and Osutin's daughter, a powerful goddess in her own right but not on the Council.

Avkwi, The Phoenix Matron, Goddess of Law
Leader of the Deific Council, protector of Peaulana, reigns over life and death. Ruler of Delhin.
Binkasu, The Hectic Troublemaker, Goddess of Chaos
Main rival against Avkwi, upholds anarchy and unpredictable circumstances. Bends reality with her mind.
Byurn, The Blind Plotmaster, God of Destiny
Sees all that can and will be, and is Avkwi's only true friend and trustee.

Eloqued, God of Elves
Caretaker of elves. Mostly only concerned with Kinolia, where most of them live.

Kami-Gami, God of Art
Not on the Council. Loves arts, crafts, poetry, music, and any other kind of creative expression. Otherwise aloof to people.

Lupegra, Beast-God of Wolves
Mostly neutral god who is caretaker of all lupine-kind.

Orud, The Faceless Messenger, God of Slumber
A member of the Deific Council with no corporeal form or visible manifestation; presides over dreams.

Osutin, God of Neutrality
Completely opinionless on everything. Is only on the Council by Binkasu's insistance.

Zhe-Li, The Cosmic Librarian, Goddess of Knowledge
Indifferent to all but the proper upholding of wisdom and orderliness in the universe.

Glossary of Terms, Words, and Places

Amaali: (a-ma-lee) A medium-size country south of Wherrem. Its people are usually fair-skinned and redheaded.

Chaos Magic: A peculiar type of sheer reality-bending willpower inherent only to Creators, but only functions in planes other than the Creator Realm.

Creator: A being that lives on the planet Earth (not just humans). Their thoughts and perceptions help mold Ourem.

Creator Realm: The entire universe we live in, but in context usually means just Earth in specific.

Deific Council: A club of gods that presides with well-meaning over Peaulana, led by Avkwi.

Delhin: (del-heen) The Underworld where all dead souls of all living things go. Avkwi now rules it and only excludes the most wicked of beings.

Delhinian: (del-hin-ee-en) 1. A race of people with curly black hair, color-changing eyes, and long animal ears, created by Avkwi to serve her. 2. The language of Delhin.

Doodly: As in Jo's Doodlies, another webcomic of mine, where Tivik once non-canonically appeared.

Elder Magi: Collectively, the best spellcasters in all of Wherrem. The organization is highly exclusive, and a mage is usually pretty old when they finally get accepted. They do tasks like train wizards, cure the sick, protect the country, name babies, hand out prophecies, hold religious ceremonies, etc. There are many groups of them stationed over Wherrem, but the ones at the 'HQ' are thought to be the best.

Kinolia/Kinolian Empire: (kih-nole-ee-uh) A country far east of Wherrem, mostly inhabited by elves and werewolves, and run by a sorcerous matriarchy.

Nexus: (nek-sus) A spinoff of the Shadow Plane, ripped from the cosmos into its own little world by pure Chaos Magic.

Oloria: (oh-lor-ee-uh) A small country south-east of Wherrem of pale, blonde people who often practice in slavery.

Ourem: (oh-er-em) The planet upon which Peaulana sits. In Delhinian, means 'The Place'.

Peaulana: (po-law-na) The supercontinent of Ourem.

Shadow Plane: The cesspool of the multiverse where all hateful emotions drain, creating living (but soulless) entities of pure hate called Shadows. They tend to attach themselves to any soul they encounter, corrupting it. The Shadow Plane at the comics' beginning is led by Meilcarska, a faerie who resists their possessment.

Soulmage/soulstealer: Tigerfish-human hybrids actually not created by Avkwi, though they now serve her. They are indigenous to Delhin and help usher dead spirits to the afterlife to prevent the creation of undead.

Wherrem: (hwair-em) A large country making up most of the continent; where the comic takes place for the human cast. Wherremfolk usually have black hair and eyes.


A note: Everything on this page is truthfully canon for the comic. You may notice discrepancies between information found here, and things characters read or say in the comics. This is because they don't have this meta-knowledge of their own universe.