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Here are songs I have made using the super special awesome program called Anvil Studio. All songs (c) me, Joelle D. Haskell.


Galium Aparine (aka Goosegrass)
A little tune about kids chasing each other with goosegrass.

Albizia Julibrissin (aka The Persian Silk Tree)
Transcription of an improv tune I plink out on the black keys of my piano. Named after my favorite tree.

Zea mays (aka Maize)
Originally for violin.

Viola Tricolor (aka Violet)
Originally for violin, named after my favorite flower, and for one of my characters.

Viola Tricolor (waltz reprise)
A waltz version of the above tune.

Acer Macrophyllum (aka Bigleaf Maple)
Nostalgia about another favorite tree of mine.


A Dark, Windy Meadow
Loosely inspired by that sad tune at the opening of Charlotte's Web (the old cartoon one that is).

A Sandy Dungeon
Another thing I used to plonk out on the piano.

The Barrens
Just a midi of two verses from The Barrens background music, from WoW. An attempt to duplicate the timing (I had the notes to work with, but not an actual sheet).


Jasper's Theme
For my friend Jula's character, Jasper.

Jirair's Theme
For my friend Jula's character, Jirair.

Traica's Theme
For my friend Heather's character, Traica.


A Distant, Pretty Little Memory
The theme tune for this chapter of my story Ocera.

Church of the Sun
Also pertaining to that story. It's about the church in the little town.

Lullaby of the Sun
Musicbox version of the above song.

The Winter Solstice
A strings-and-piano version of the Sun tune.

House Silvacce
A song I made for my old WoW guild, House Silvacce.