Element: Air/ether
Penant colors: Blue and white
Eye colors: Blue, silver, gray, purple, blue and green
Hair colors: Blue, silver, gray, white, purple
Skin tone: Pale
Build: Either very tall or very short, always slender. Exceedingly lightweight.
Diet: Anything. ANYthing. Even non-food.
Strengths: Plane-hopping to Ethereal plane, rapid healing, immunity to suffocation.
Weaknesses: Electricity, alcohol, certain drugs.
Notable ethereals: James, Agatha, Klaihn, Yunae, Jacquelina, Zaeyuun, Voutsuun, Lathan.

Element: Shadow.
Penant colors: Purple and red.
Eye colors: Purple, dark blue, brown, black.
Hair colors: Purple, dark blue, brown, black, red.
Skin tone: Dark.
Build: Average.
Diet: Normal.
Strengths: Cunning, level-headedness.
Weaknesses: N/A.
Notable umbrians: Sierra, Kedda.

Element: Fire.
Penant colors: Red and yellow.
Eye colors: Orange, red, yellow, gold, amber, white, cyan.
Hair colors: Orange, red, yellow, brown.
Skin tone: Bronzed.
Build: Varies.
Diet: Hot and spicy foots and lots of strong alcohol.
Strengths: Heat and fire immunity, ability to have sudden bursts of strength.
Weaknesses: Water, carbon dioxide.
Notable phloxians: Derek.

Element: Earth/plant.
Penant colors: Green and brown.
Eye colors: Green, brown, gray.
Hair colors: Green, brown, blonde, amber.
Skin tone: Well-tanned.
Build: Short and stocky. Usually much heavier than they should be.
Diet: Strictly vegetarian.
Strengths: Sure-footedness, can turn into animals OR plants.
Weaknesses: Stubborness.
Notable terrous: Wilda.

Element: Water.
Penant colors: Blue and green.
Eye colors: Blue, green, yellow, white.
Hair colors: Blue, green, blonde.
Skin tone: Fair.
Build: Willowy and very flexible.
Diet: Things from the ocean.
Strengths: Swimming ability, snake-like flexibility.
Weaknesses: Very low intelligence.
Notable hydrous: Danna.

Element: Blood.
Penant colors: Black and red.
Eye colors: Red, black, very dark blue, brown, gold.
Hair colors: Red, black, brown.
Skin tone: Dark, possibly reddish.
Build: Varies. Sometimes boxy and burly, sometimes thin and bony.
Diet: Usually carnivorous, and blood.
Strengths: Powerful sense of smell, cunning, magical talent.
Weaknesses: Bad temper, notoriously bad scent.
Notable sanguian: Zarador, Hana, Ixzakqu, Nisha, Allison.