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A quiet, reserved, but friendly race of catfolk from the deep woods, Somihoans (so-mee-ho-uhn[z]) are known for their agility, balance, and aptitude with a bow.
Personality: Somihoans generally keep to themselves in tight clans where they freely communicate on any level, but outside among other races they are generally very quiet - the sort to sit in the corner of a tavern, perhaps under a hooded cloak. But, they do not shun off company if offered it, and can be quite hospitable if need be.
They are, like their quadrupedal counterparts, very laidback and aloof. They do not often become extremely motivated, and are very forgiving, even of enemies.
Physical Description: They have similar height to half-elves, but are very slender and have weight closer to that of a pure elf. They are completely covered in fur from nose to tailtip. This fur can be any color or pattern found on a normal feline. They have long arms and legs, though their legs bend in a peculiar way so they may stand on tiptoe, so they are not particularly tall. They have slanted, keen eyes, that can be basically any color found on any normal feline (even mismatched or metallic).
Relations: Unlike the other races, which regard others with distrust or haughtiness, the Somihoans accept basically all other kinds and do not often have biases (though, they may have a special disfondness for canines and lupines). They are especially friendly, however, with Elves and Halflings, who share their woodland homes.
Alignment: Somihoans are kind-hearted creatures, so lean towards good. If not, they will often be neutral.
Somihoan Lands: They prefer deep forests and jungles, building homes in the canopies or within large, hollow trunks. They don't often stray into normal civilization because they are adept at foraging their own food, carving their own weapons (or just using claws), and making their own clothing.
Religion: Because of their forest-based homes, Somihoans favor the goddess Ehlonna, though others sometimes worship Obad-Hai. They do not have a deity of their own, so it's not uncommon for them to not be affiliated with any at all.
Language: While the Somihoans have no language of their own, they can communicate using the same vocals and body language of regular felines. Thus, they can speak with actual cats. This of course has no alphabet.
Names: Having no language, Somihoans also have no distinct names. They most often use Elven or Halfling names. They do not have any strict naming traditions like other races do, and some may only possess a first name and no last.
Adventurers: The inherent curiosity of the Somihoans is what often drives them to adventuring. Some may desire to help others and do good deeds (but without the zeal of a paladin, usually).

Somihoan Racial Traits
  • +2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma. Somihoans are very swift and agile, but their seclusion makes them less educated and their very nonstandard looks puts them at a disadvantage in social settings.
  • Medium-Size.
  • Somihoan base speed is 30 feet.
  • Darkvision: 60 feet, black and white only.
  • A Somihoan may attack with their claws (melee, damage 1d4).
  • +2 racial bonus to Listen, Search, Spot, Climb, Balance, and Move Silently.
  • -4 to Disguise. It is very difficult to make a Somihoan look like a normal person (even if they had their fur shaved and their ears folded down).
  • Depending on their fur color(s)/pattern and the environment, a Somihoan gets a +4 racial bonus to Hide.
  • Automatic Language: Common, and the ability to speak with felines. Bonus languages: Elven, Sylvan, Halfling.
  • Favored Class: Ranger.