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This is the archive where I'm keeping the things that embarrass me but are too precious or took too many hours of work for me to want to delete entirely. Peruse at your leisure, or your pain, whichever. With all likelihood I will not be updating them again. And if I do I won't be telling anyone about it. H'ain't gonna lie, this is some pretty bad stuff.

This is something I made long ago using a Neopets pet site as the host. It's just some info I put together about the Elemental Shapeshifters, a creation of mine. Mostly non-canon by now but I keep it around for reference anyway.

Funky Thoughts
Every so often I'd get a wierd thought in my head, like, "What if everybody shares the same dream and doesn't know it?" or "What if everybody's secretly psychic and we accidentally created God by thinking about about Him?" I would then get the thought that other people wanted to read these thoughts. This is what came of it.

I was running a D&D campaign and one of my players absolutely insisted on playing a catboy samurai. So, I made the stats for the Somihoan (a name I made up by burbling for a few minutes), and then I made the half-Somihoans which would be the playable PC race.